Meet the Team!

Tauna Batiste

CEO & Founder

Tauna Batiste is a seasoned nonprofit professional, who loves people, dislikes excuses, and is always focused on your greatest good. (Even when it means telling the hard truth with love). She is equally excited by dynamic spreadsheets, leading trainings, and beach vacations. Often called upon as a professional confidante, she believes in coaching people to their potential and success.

Tauna founded Drew Alexander Co. to answer the gaps she experienced in consultants as an executive director. And named it in homage to her sons, Alex & Andrew. In between Zoom calls and client projects, she spends her time with the boys and Tremayne aka DAC Marketing & Branding Director.

Tremayne Batiste

Marketing Director/Brand Manager

Tremayne Batiste is the Marketing Director and Brand Manager for Drew Alexander Co. Which means he ensures we’re telling the story for DAC and our clients, in the right places to the right people. Tremayne was an early adopter of social media in the professional space. He’s taken his talent and passion for effective digital brand management and now helps DAC clients capture their brand and position it to win. Tremayne’s experience includes working with Resource Interactive, GSW Worldwide, LBrands, and as a freelancer. He is most content creating storytelling strategy and evaluating its effectiveness.

When not strategizing he turns into super dad and creates magical experiences for his sons Alex and Andrew. He’s also a pretty great husband to Tauna. Tremayne loves photography, relaxing at home, and TikTok scrolling.



Noreen Fairley

Vice President

Noreen has worked supporting rare disease nonprofits for the last 7 years. Coming to the field from a childhood love of volunteering that evolved into multiple degrees focused on Nonprofit Management and International Administration. Past positions at several small nonprofits have allowed her to wear many hats and learn about all aspects of administration, program management, advocacy, communications, and development.

Noreen has attended and presented at rare disease conferences across the country and abroad. She has experience planning and executing patient and scientific conferences as well as interfacing with the research and pharmaceutical communities.

Contribution of patient organisations to the NCLs

Guidelines on the diagnosis, clinical assessments, treatment and management for CLN2 disease patients



Cora Williams

Project Coordinator

Cora Williams joins the Drew Alexander team to keep our lives in order. As the Project Coordinator, she ensures we know when and where we should be at any given moment. Don’t let this fool you – she’s not a calendar manager, rather it’s more like central control at a busy airport. Cora is adept at considering all options and identifying the best route for the situation at hand. She is also the owner of Jlce VA.

When not keeping worlds in orbit, Cora hangs out with her favorite guys, her husband and son. She’s an avid crafter and someone you wish would do your holiday shopping.