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We are more than a fundraising firm. So much more. And so are you. Our focus is to see your organization strong, impactful and sustainable.

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Need specialized training for your staff or board? Let us customize a session to meet your exact needs.


What Can We Do For You?

We know what it’s like to run a nonprofit, especially in a small shop. You may wear 2, 3 or 10 hats at times and the budget doesn’t always allow for expanding the staff; but that doesn’t mean the work stops. It does mean that you could use help. Typically, a new employee can cost an organization on average $50-60K or more.

In every area of nonprofit management, our group of talented Content Experts are ready and waiting to join your team. We will assist you with developing plans, systems, and processes for success. Each expert can provide you with valuable insight, all while keeping the organizational budget intact.

Projects range in size from specific to broad, such as developing a case for support to developing an annual giving program; or developing an advocacy program to designing a transformational strategic plan. We will work with each client to define their needs and customize solutions specifically for their back office and audience. 


 Who Are We?

Drew Alexander Co. is a national boutique consulting firm that empowers foundations and organizations to build stronger legacies and maximize their impact.

We do this by providing management consulting services to small and medium sized nonprofits and family foundations. We craft custom plans and products that reflect each individual organization and lead them to achieve greater success.

Drew Alexander has an amazing team of content experts who all have a minimum of eight years in their areas of specialization. Several team members bring over twenty years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Because we have experts in the fields of nonprofit management, communications, programming, marketing, operations management, human resources, project and event management, development, and advocacy; we are positioned to assist and guide you in every aspect of nonprofit operations. 

About Our Founder

Tauna Batiste is a lover of nonprofits and she has been her whole life. She is motivated to see the greatest impact possible by enabling each nonprofit organization to meet its mission. With almost 30 years of experience as a volunteer, donor, staff member and executive – she gets how nonprofits run. And more importantly, she understands how to help them reach thier greatest potential. 

Tauna has worked in various roles with organizations such as United Way of Central Ohio, the Packard Foundation, Columbus Foundation,  the National Hemophilia Foundation, BDSRA, and LBrands. It’s her diverse experience and passion that led her to found Drew Alexander Co. She wholeheartedly believes that organizations often need just a little help to make the jump to that next level.  

Tauna earned a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management from Eastern University and bachelors from Taylor University. She spends most days trying to keep up with her boys and most evenings laughing with her husband.

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